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Last modified: 31st May 2022

This web site and service is operated by Seriously Easy Ltd (UK company number SC469872, trading as EveryCartridge) to improve the environment around the world. Seriously Easy Ltd shall be referred to in these Terms and Conditions as "we", "our" or "us".

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Use of the Site

We may store and use information about your use of this web site, and may use third party tools to enable this. By using the web site you agree to the privacy policy.

Limitation of Liability

We offer no warranty or guarantee whatsoever about the service and the information on our web site, which may be withdrawn without notice. We do not endorse or otherwise accept any liability for the web sites, companies and services that we link to or recommend on this site. The use of any services we link to or recommend is at your own discretion and liability.

Alterations to This Contract

We may alter this contract from time to time. Any changes will be shown on this page of our web site, with the date of last alteration at the top of the page. You are advised to check it each time you use our services.

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