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Last modified: 31st May 2017

This service is operated by Seriously Easy Ltd (UK company number SC469872, trading as EveryCartridge), and passes your proceeds to Trees for the Future (a charity based in Maryland, United States). Seriously Easy Ltd shall be referred to in these Terms and Conditions as "we", "our" or "us" and the seller or proposed seller of cartridges, phones or other electronics as "you".

"Items" refers to any cartridges, phones or other electronics that you send to us, or to our partners under our direction, for reuse, resale or recycling.

By contacting us or using this web site to undertake the services described therein, you indicate your acceptance of these terms.

Use of the Site

We may store and use information about your use of this web site, and may use third party tools to enable this. By using the web site you agree to the privacy policy.

Beneficiary Proceeds

Your items are sold to Seriously Easy Ltd by you upon sending, and you agree that we may pass your resulting account balance on to Trees for the Future. Should you wish to receive the funds yourself, or for your funds to be passed to another beneficiary, you must notify us of this before your items are sent.

Your items will be purchased from you at a rate based upon Trees for the Future's estimates of what the overall cost of planting a tree is from their annual budget; this is an estimated average cost per tree, and specific trees are not directly planted as a result of receiving your funds. One tree-equivalent is paid for each valuable empty cartridge or phone received, and ten tree-equivalents for each valuable unused cartridge.

All items are subject to testing to establish their value, and the price offered for damaged or not-as-described items will be reassessed upon arrival.

Empty cartridges may be regarded as damaged, and valued at zero, if they fail an electrical test, have cases that are not intact, or have visible signs of damage to the print head amongst other reasons that prevent their reuse.

The values for CO2 saved are estimates only and should be taken only as guideline figures.

Accepted Items

Please note that you must not send any items except those we give you explicit permission to send.

Waste items (not accepted) include, but are not limited to:

  • compatible Epson cartridges
  • toner 'bottles' or 'kits'
  • waste toner collectors / bottles
  • ribbon cartridges
  • broken electronics
  • landline phones
  • any stolen material, or items which you do not personally own or have permission to pass on

Please see EveryCartridge.com to environmentally dispose of any items that we cannot reuse. Whilst we will do our best to help you find other services to responsibly dispose of your waste items, this ultimately remains your responsibility.

If at any point we request that you stop using our services, you must take reasonable steps to prevent items from being sent. This would include contacting anybody to whom you have promoted the service, or given instructions to about sending items.

To protect our interests, where you send items we have not given you permission to send, we reserve the right to deduct a fee from your account balance to recoup costs of shipping, handling or disposal for these items.

Passing of Title

In sending items, you agree that you personally own and have the right to sell the items.

We shall assume full title to all items when they are sent by you. Items sent cannot be returned unless previously agreed in writing. We reserve the right to refuse receipt of consignments that we have not authorised, or are materially different from what was authorised.

In cases where you do not send us an invoice in advance, you agree that we may raise and issue you with a self-billing invoice listing the items received, and showing that we are purchasing these items from you.

You must notify us before sending any items if VAT is due on the purchase of those items from you. If you send items without beforehand notifying us that VAT is due, the price that we quote or pay you will be deemed to already include VAT, which you are responsible for including in your VAT return and paying the relevant VAT to HMRC.

You assert that the items you send us are not counterfeit and were obtained from a legitimate source, which you have records of. Should a claim arise about the authenticity of an item you have sent at any time and we request your assistance, you and your organisation will make all reasonable efforts including checking your purchase records, providing copies of relevant invoices and contacting your suppliers for this information if invoices are not on hand.


You are responsible for the items and their condition until they are received by us. It is strongly recommended that items are packed carefully in suitable containers to avoid damage.

Our free collection services do not include any insurance or cover for loss or damage, and we cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage to your items in transit. We suggest, at your discretion, that you arrange your own delivery service that provides you loss or damage cover for high-value consignments. Please make sure that you retain an official written receipt or similar from the carrier so that you can claim in the event of loss or damage to items in transit.

If we arrange to collect your items and the weight, quantity or dimensions of your parcels are materially different from that indicated by you, or outside the limits we inform you about, and we are charged extra handling fees by our carrier, we will reduce your quotation for the consignment to include these costs.

All items returned to us should be accompanied by the relevant account number, reference or label, clearly visible and legible, on the outside of the package as indicated in the instructions given to you on our web site or from us by email, with an additional copy of this information inside the package. If items are not clearly marked when they are received we cannot be held responsible for any problems with the processing of these items, and you may not receive credit for these items.

At busy times, it may take up to 4 weeks from when we receive your items to process them, and longer in the case of collections of used toner cartridges. You will receive written confirmation (by email) of items as they are received and processed.

Limitation of Liability

We offer no warranty or guarantee about the service, which may be withdrawn without notice. Our maximum liability to you, except as otherwise required by law, shall be the discharge to you (or to your chosen beneficiary) of your outstanding account balance.

Alterations to This Contract

We may alter this contract from time to time. Any changes will be shown on this page of our web site, with the date of last alteration at the top of the page. You are advised to check it each time you use our services before sending items.