UK Empty Cartridge Recycling

There are plenty of local and nationwide services that recycle, or better yet, reuse your empty cartridges, and we've put together this guide to help you find the solution for you.

If you have any full or unused cartridges, try our full cartridge guide instead.

1. Reuse Cartridges for Good Causes

If your cartridges are eligible, it's best for them to be reused by good causes instead of recycled — they're refilled and sold as 'remanufactured' cartridges, which uses much less oil and CO2.

Plant Trees: CartridgeForest

CartridgeForest plant 2 trees with charity Trees for the Future for each reusable empty cartridge they receive.

Helping charity Trees for the Future
Reuse is better than recycling
Free collections or postage

Visit CartridgeForest

Charity: Cartridges4Charity

Supports The Against Malaria Foundation, who distribute anti-mosquito nets to save lives by preventing the spread of malaria.

Raise funds for an effective charity
Reuse is better than recycling
Free collections or postage

Visit Cartridges4Charity

Raise Funds: Ink2Cash

Ink2Cash pays you (an individual, charity, business or group) for cartridges you or your supporters collect.

Raise funds from your cartridges
Reuse is better than recycling
Free collections or postage

Visit Ink2Cash

2. Free Cartridge Reuse Options

If your cartridges are not eligible for reuse to raise funds for a good cause, here are the best reuse options, which will ensure the least impact on the environment.

Local Refilling: Cartridge Shops

There are cartridge refill shops on many high streets. You can leave your empty cartridge for free recycling, or pay to have it refilled cheaply.

Reuse is better than recycling
Convenient, and refills available
No charitable benefit

Find a Cartridge Refill Shop

Return to Manufacturer

Most printer manufacturers offer free recycling schemes for cartridges that they manufactured, as a courtesy to you as their customer.

Free collections and postage
Cartridges are partially reused
No charitable benefit

Find Your Manufacturer's Scheme

Local Drop-Offs

There are likely shops or amenity sites with cartridge collection boxes near you, and most of these will take any type of cartridge for free.

Free local drop off
Cartridges may be reused
Normally no charitable benefit

Find A Local Drop-Off Recycling Point

Return to Supplier or Retailer

Ask your supplier or retailer if they can take back your empties as a courtesy to you as their customer.

Convenient solution
Cartridges may be reused
No charitable benefit

3. Alternative Recycling Options

If you've exhausted the above options, there are a number of companies that will collect your cartridges.

Free Collection Services

If you can collect a minimum of 15 items, there are some companies that might collect your cartridges for free.

Minimum quantity required
Cartridges may not be reused
No significant charitable benefit

Get a Free Collection

Paid-For Recycling

If you do not qualify for any free services, or you need the convenience of a premium service, there are services that will collect your cartridges for a fee.

View Paid-For Services

Why Recycle Empty Cartridges?

75% of empty cartridges in the UK are not recycled even though there are plenty of reuse and recycling options, and many of them are free and easy to use.

A typical cartridge, with its plastics and electronics, will take up to 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill site, but having an empty cartridge reused saves up to 2.5kg of CO2 compared to making a new cartridge from scratch. is here to help you to find and use the many services that exist locally and nationwide, and cut through the misinformation to ensure that your cartridges do not go to landfill.

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