Printer Recycling Guide

There are many ways to recycle a printer with the environment in mind, and we've put together this guide to help you find the solution for you.

This guide is for the printers themselves. If you have cartridges as well, try our empty cartridge guide or our full cartridge guide, as these may have value for good causes.

Donate: Donate a PC

This web site will list your unwanted printer, and enable good causes nearby to get in touch with you to request it.

Help save money for a good cause
May not find a taker quickly

Visit Donate a PC

Give it Away

You might also like to consider giving your old printer away to a good home.

Your printer will be reused
Normally they will collect from you
May not find a taker

Ask friends, family members and colleagues. You might also try Freecycle or Freegle to offer it more widely.

Sell It

If your printer is still working and in good condition, or could be easily repaired, you might like to try selling it.

Your printer will be reused
Extra cash
Need to accurately list the printer

Try Gumtree for a local sale — the customer will pick it up from you.

eBay allows you to offer it locally or UK-wide — make sure you factor in the cost of postage.

Pawnbroking shops like Cash Converters may be able to offer you an instant price for a modern working printer in good condition.

Repair It

You can try repairing it yourself, if you fancy getting a little creative.

Try iFixIt for free access to service guides, repair instructions and more for all kinds of electricals.

Council Recycling

Civic amenity sites run by your local council will take small electrical items like printers.

Good solution for non-working printers
Printer will be recycled instead of reused

If your printer still works, you should find a way for the printer to be reused which will be a much better use of resources.

Why Recycle Printers?

Printers are highly developed and specialised pieces of equipment that require large amounts of energy, labour and CO2 to create and distribute.

If at all possible, it's best for a printer to go on being used, and because of the replaceable nature of the printheads in most printers they can go on working for 10 years or more.

Sometimes used printers have a market value that you can recoup or donate to a charity of your choice by selling it.

Recycling is a last resort if reuse is not possible. In landfill, the plastics will take up to 1,000 years to degrade, and any precious metals will be unavailable. is here to help you find a way to reuse or recycle your printer and ensure it doesn't end up in the bin.

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